Minister Bruton Commits To Review Campaign Data

19th July 2016 – Minister Bruton Commits to Review Campaign’s Data Analysis & Department’s Decision to Deny Kildare South a New Second-level School

Meeting EndaK 19July2016

The campaign group met with Minister for Education & Skills, Richard Bruton, along with Kildare South elected TDs Martin Heydon, Sean O’Fearghail & Fiona O’Loughlin, on Tuesday 19th July last, to present some recent data analysis to further challenge the demographic exercise performed by the Department of Education & Skills for South Kildare, and the decision by Minister Jan O’Sullivan last November, to deny a new school build for Kildare South.

The group also had the opportunity to meet an Taoiseach Enda Kenny, who kindly gave them some time to highlight their concerns, and the problems faced by the growing number of parents seeking second-level places for their children in the Kildare South area. The Taoiseach was very supportive and committed to talking to the Minister for Education & Skills on our behalf.

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Down But Not Out – Campaign Fights On #NotGoingAway

On 21st June 2016, our campaign group, and parents who wrote about their concerns regarding Second-level provision in Kildare South, have started to receive communications from the Minister of Education, Richard Bruton TD, and the Department of Education.

Minister Bruton & the Department of Education & Skills believes that a new Second-level school is not currently required for Kildare South. That between all the Second-level schools in the area there will be enough places for all children, regardless of the model of education they seek or what faith they have. And there is no mention of any additional ASD Class provision being provided. We respectfully disagree.

Perservere image

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[WATCH] Our Campaign Story So Far

Our campaign story so far – in numbers.

We are campaigning for a NEW Second level school for Kildare South to provide more places, more choice & more badly needed ASDClass places.

Are you a concerned parent? Make your voice heard.
Talk to your local TDs. Email your concerns to the Minister’s office.

You Can Register your interest here for a Second-level Educate Together school in Kildare South & follow our campaign on Facebook & Twitter.

[LISTEN] KFM Interview Parent Enda Rochford – What Choice Do We Have?

Local parent Enda Rochford speaks with KFM’s Shane Beatty about the lack of choice available for parents and children at both national school and secondary level and how the domination of schools under religious patronage fails to reflect the multicultural and multi-denominational country that Ireland has become in recent years

Read Enda’s article in full here

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No Faith. What School Choice Will My Sons Really Have?

There’s an ad on the TV at the moment with the catchphrase “Change is good”. It could also say that change is inevitable. The modern Ireland we now live in, needs modern schools and a modern approach to education. The time for change is NOW.

Parent Enda shares his story: Having already experienced refusal on denominational grounds at primary level, he now fears for secondary – No Faith. What School Choice Will My Sons Really Have?


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Why Any School Place Is Just NOT Good Enough

Is it good enough to expect parents to just be glad their child has a school place? With the ever increasing demand for secondary places locally, parent Paula explains Why Any School Place is Just NOT Good Enough, and why providing an alternative choice in secondary education in Kildare South will ensure the needs of all children in the area are met.


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Proclamation 2016 – Campaign Group for Educate Together 2ndlvl Kildare South

On this year of the centenary celebration of the Easter Rising and the creation of the 1916 Proclamation, which referred to “an Ireland that cherishes all children of the nation equally..”

an Ireland of,
‘…religious and civil liberty, equal rights and equal opportunities of all its citizens, and declares its resolve to pursue the happiness and prosperity of the whole nation and of all its parts, cherishing all the children of the nation equally…’

It feels fitting that we too would join in with the schools of the Nation and create our own Campaign Group Proclamation for Kildare South.

Here is our campaign group’s Proclamation:

2016 sket proclamation

“Let us look ahead to our future, to a Kildare South and Ireland where diversity is acknowledged, embraced and respected, and where ALL children can fulfil their potential within an education system that can adapt to, and meet the needs of, ALL children living within the Republic.”

Are you a concerned parent? Make your voice heard.
Talk to your local TDs. Email your concerns to the Minister’s office.

You Can Register your interest here for a Second-level Educate Together school in Kildare South & follow our campaign on Facebook & Twitter.





Are Certainty And Equality Too Much To Ask For In 2016?

Was it really so long ago, when it was just a given that you would continue on to the local second-level school, with most of your friends? Lyn, just one of the many parents who has been impacted by admission policies change in her local second-level school, writes about the effect on her family, and wants to know if Certainty & Equality in Second-level provision are really too much to ask for in 2016?

boy in class

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Minister’s Letter in Response to Campaign Group Data

Since our second meeting with the Minister & Deputy Jack Wall on January 28th, the campaign group have been awaiting a response from the Minister, as she had promised at the meeting.

At that meeting the Minister acknowledged our data, and promised us that she would respond (early the following week) that our data was being reviewed by the Department of Education & Skills.

Over the last 4 weeks, the campaign group have continued to request this response, both from the Minister’s office and from Deputy Jack Wall.

Finally, 4 weeks after that second meeting with the Minister, we have received the following letter today, 25th February.

Minister Letter 25 Feb 16 P1

Minister Letter 25 Feb 16 P2The group welcomes the Minister’s acknowledgement of our valuable data and her request that the Department senior officials continue to expedite the analysis of our data, and that they have this completed as soon as possible.

The campaign group look forward to working with the newly elected TDs of Kildare South post the General Election 2016, to maintain the urgency of this situation for Kildare South, and to get the decision for a much needed new Second-level school to be made at the earliest opportunity.

We acknowledge the support of Jack Wall in following up on this matter.

Are you a concerned parent? Make your voice heard.

You Can Register your interest here for a Second-level Educate Together school in Kildare South & follow our campaign on Facebook & Twitter.



Minister Pledges Review

The Minister for Education is to review her decision to deny the south of the county a new second-level school, according to campaigners for an Educate Together facility.

Meeting Minister 28 Jan 2016 smaller res

Members of Campaign Group with Minister Jan O’Sullivan & Deputy Jack Wall

The South Kildare Educate Together Second-level Group (SKET 2L) again met with Minister Jan O’Sullivan, along with Deputy Jack Wall on January 28th. The campaigners have been relentlessly lobbying on the issue for months, gathering over 2000 signatures of parents.

This follows on from the initial meeting with the Minister in November, where she agreed to share the demographic analysis with the group, which was received before Christmas.

Having analysed the Department’s data for Kildare South, group members met with the Minister and Deputy Jack Wall, to outline their serious concerns with the Department’s analysis, which they believe has overestimated the current/planned capacity while underestimating the predicted demand in Kildare South.

“The group demonstrated the inaccuracies in the assumptions made by the Department of Education & Skills, specifically feeder school inaccuracies, admission policy restrictions and inclusion of restrictive fee playing places in capacity available” said the group in a statement to the press. “They outlined that future growth and expansion in the area, including influx of employers and investment in housing infrastructure, is not being taken into account”.

The group also voiced their concerns regarding the disparity of dedicated ASD Class Facility provision from primary to second- level in the area.

Deputy Jack Wall also stated to the Minister that the mid-East area of Ireland, including Kildare, is experiencing a significant growth, and that not only was a new second-level school required now, but that future provision must also be reviewed by the Department now.

Jennifer Buttner, chair of the campaign group said “We are deeply concerned about the assumptions made by the Department’s demographic review of Kildare South , and we thank the Minister of Education Jan O’Sullivan, for taking the time to meet with our group, where she listened to, and acknowledged, our concerns. The Minister agreed to bring our data back to the Department early this week, and revert to the group before the General Election.

We would like to thank Jack Wall TD for facilitating the meeting, and acknowledge the support of Fiona McLoughlin Healy, Mark Wall, Sean O’Fearghail TD, and Martin Heydon TD.

Our grass roots, parent-led campaign will continue in earnest, on behalf of the 2100 children’s names now registered for a South Kildare Educate Together Second-level, to exhaust every avenue open to us, in our campaign for a NEW Second-level school build which will provide choice, diversity, and equality-based education locally for all families in Kildare South”.

This piece first appeared in the Leinster Leader on 9th Feb 2016

Are you a concerned parent? Make your voice heard.
Talk to your GE16 candidates. Email your concerns to the Minister’s office.

You Can Register your interest here for a Second-level Educate Together school in Kildare South & follow our campaign on Facebook & Twitter.