In recent years Ireland has become a vibrant multicultural society and while we have seen a growing number of multi-denominational primary schools growing around the country via initiatives like Educate Together, there still exists a lack of multi-denominational schools at secondary level, leaving many parents with tough decisions to make.

With your support we aim to change this

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Sharon Kenny-Hartnett

    I really hope that a South Kildare Educate Together 2nd level will proceed so my children can see through their education by the ethos & values which were established at primary level.

    1. Jennifer Buttner

      Sharon, we the Campaign Group, would also love to see an Educate Together Secondary School in the area. Key to success will be parental demand, so please spread the news of group/website so we can get as many Expression of Interest forms completed by interested parents, as this is not limited to Educate Together parents only.


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