Innovative Approach to Learning in Second-level Educate Together

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Have you wondered how a second-level Educate Together school runs in practice?

This article featured in the Liffey Champion in March 2015, takes a look at the Innovative Approach to Learning in Kishoge Community College:

“A unique and innovative approach is being taken by Kishoge Community College, Lucan when it comes to teach and learning.

The Educate Together school has been in operation for six months and Principal Niall Hare explained that they are using the blank state of the new school as a way to find a fresh approach to teaching.

Staff have been speaking with universites and inspectors from the Department of Education to establish the best way to approach the various aspects of the education process.

One difference within the school is classes take place for an hour, compared to the standard 45 minutes.

“The idea is we want students to have a different classroom experience” said Mr. Hare.

“They do not sit in rows, they sit in groups. There is a lot of emphasis on active learning, we would all students to be involved in their learning”

Download PDF to Read the Full Article Here

This article first appeared on the Liffey Champion on 28th March 2015.

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