School Blueprint

An Educate Together school will offer children in the area the most modern second-level education possible.

With Educate Together your child will receive state of the art teaching in top class facilities to fully equip them for third level and the world beyond. Our emphasis is on:

  • academic excellence in an inclusive and nurturing school environment
  • developing the self motivation, critical thinking and confidence for your child to achieve their full potential
  • encouraging active citizenship and community spirit

Your child’s Educate Together school will have:

  • active multi-denominational ethos
  • democratic school community
  • truly child and learner centred approach and
  • dynamic teaching and integrated curriculum

Educate Together is a school patron body which operates over 60 primary schools in the country and will open its first second-level schools in 2014.

All schools follow the four core principles of the Educate Together ethos:

  • Democratically run.
  • Learner-centred.
  • Multi-denominational.
  • Co-educational.

These will be central to the process of planning, managing and the development of the proposed new second-level school in North Wicklow/South Dublin.

All this means is that the school’s pupils will be taught together, treated equally, encouraged to analyse, think and cooperate in their learning. Educate Together has created a second-level education model that will deliver an excellent education to our children which will be a basis for success in life.

You can download a school prospectus here
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