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Census 2016 – The Tipping Point for Our Campaign

In his book The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference, Malcolm Gladwell says the tipping point is “the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point”. It’s the point when the incoherent and diffuse combine and become the potent and unstoppable.

Tipping points can occur in fashion.

It happened with hipster beards. Stylish beards were once rare. Then sometime around 2012, George Clooney and Ben Affleck grew some face fuzz. Quickly afterwards the whole thing passed its tipping point of acceptance and every second guy on the street had a manscaped jawline. The important thing to note is that the tipping point happened way before its inevitable adoption by a larger group of real men catching up to the trend.

Tipping points occur in society too.

There was a time when nearly everyone opposed the idea of marriage equality. Then in the early part of the last decade more people started to support the idea. Then, who knows when – maybe during season three of Will and Grace, positive attitudes towards LGBT people and support levels for marriage equality passed the tipping point. Passing the tipping point meant that the insignificant number had become a potent minority. The minority was not going to stop campaigning. The minority were now growing; were substantial and were going to campaign and agitate, until they convinced enough people of the case for marriage equality. The end result? It became reality.

Image created by Jack Moreh, obtained from www.freerangestock.com

Image created by Jack Moreh, obtained from www.freerangestock.com

So what does all this have to do with our campaign in County Kildare? What does the latest census say about supporters of truly egalitarian, multi-denominational education in our community?

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No Faith. What School Choice Will My Sons Really Have?

There’s an ad on the TV at the moment with the catchphrase “Change is good”. It could also say that change is inevitable. The modern Ireland we now live in, needs modern schools and a modern approach to education. The time for change is NOW.

Parent Enda shares his story: Having already experienced refusal on denominational grounds at primary level, he now fears for secondary – No Faith. What School Choice Will My Sons Really Have?


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Minister’s Letter in Response to Campaign Group Data

Since our second meeting with the Minister & Deputy Jack Wall on January 28th, the campaign group have been awaiting a response from the Minister, as she had promised at the meeting.

At that meeting the Minister acknowledged our data, and promised us that she would respond (early the following week) that our data was being reviewed by the Department of Education & Skills.

Over the last 4 weeks, the campaign group have continued to request this response, both from the Minister’s office and from Deputy Jack Wall.

Finally, 4 weeks after that second meeting with the Minister, we have received the following letter today, 25th February.

Minister Letter 25 Feb 16 P1

Minister Letter 25 Feb 16 P2The group welcomes the Minister’s acknowledgement of our valuable data and her request that the Department senior officials continue to expedite the analysis of our data, and that they have this completed as soon as possible.

The campaign group look forward to working with the newly elected TDs of Kildare South post the General Election 2016, to maintain the urgency of this situation for Kildare South, and to get the decision for a much needed new Second-level school to be made at the earliest opportunity.

We acknowledge the support of Jack Wall in following up on this matter.

Are you a concerned parent? Make your voice heard.

You Can Register your interest here for a Second-level Educate Together school in Kildare South & follow our campaign on Facebook & Twitter.