Why I Love Going To A Second-level Educate Together School

The campaign group love hearing personal stories and were delighted to hear from children attending an Educate Together second-level and what they love about their school. From the students:


“Think, Pair, Share”

I have attended an Educate Together primary school and now I’m in third year in an Educate together Secondary School. I really like the way we learn because we use lots of different ways which helps me stay focused.

We sometimes read from the book or handouts but we always get time to “Think, Pair share” our ideas or thoughts on questions or class tasks which lets me check my ideas with my friends just to see if I am on the right track. Also it’s more fun when you can answer the questions in pairs because sometimes he remembers some information that I don’t and the other way around.

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“I really like the way we learn..”

I just came to Educate together this year and I really like the way we learn.

We don’t use the textbook in school so we use handouts or PowerPoints or we do group work to figure things out. The teacher explains things then we split into groups and open the folder with the things to do in it.

Sometimes it’s work in pairs and then other times you have to work as a group to read the sheets, answer the questions and create a presentation to present to the class. This means we have to work together to get all the tasks done on time. We have a time keeper in the group who has a watch.

At first I didn’t like standing in front of everyone explaining but now it’s fine because everyone listens and we got a prize for being creative. In my old school we used to read the textbook and write the answers to the questions into our copies.

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“I learned more by doing it rather than reading the book”

In History we learned about how the archaeologist does their work by actually doing a dig. We had a box full of clay with artefacts hidden inside and our group had to follow the steps the archaeologist would do in order to find, date and record the artefacts.

This was lots of fun because we got to dig using trowels and sieve the dirt away. I think I learned more by doing it rather than reading the book.

“How to deal with stress through meditation”

In Ethical Education and SPHE class our teacher is showing us how to deal with stress and develop our self-management skills through meditation.

I always thought meditation was for old people and that you had to sit with your arms folded and hum or chant. But it’s not. We meditate for the first 5 or 10 minutes in class by sitting or lying down comfortably and you have to try to still your mind by concentrating on your breathing. At the end our teacher asks us to scale how we feel, so 0 is very sad or angry but 10 is very relaxed or happy.

This is useful because sometimes little things bother me and then everything starts to make me mad. Meditation before class starts helps me figure out if I’m angry so then I can sort it out or tell someone so that I can concentrate in class.

“We get to do walking debates”

In some of my subjects we get to do walking debates. I like walking debates because you get to get up and move around and then you can think better. Also it means that we get to voice our opinions about what we learned or what was useful.

In history we used these big lumps of concrete that had toys in them, we used plastic chisels and hammers to chip off the rock to see what was inside. That was really fun and I liked working with my group so when our teacher asked if I liked that I walked and learned, I said “Yes”.

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“I don’t like doing tests because they are too long..”

I don’t like doing tests because they are too long and I never remember the work so our teacher gives us little squares of paper and we have to write down 5 keywords and explain them.

I like doing this because its short and then we put the paper in a big folder on the wall with our names on it.

Thanks so much to all these students who let us know what they like about going to an Educate Together second-level.

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