Why I Love Teaching in an Educate Together Second-level

The campaign group love getting personal stories, but we particularly love to hear what is great about teaching in an Educate Together second-level. From a teacher:

I have had the pleasure of teaching in a second level Educate Together School for the past three years.

The ethos of “no child an outsider” allows me to teach in a variety of creative ways which is inclusive of all abilities.


“We cover the course curriculum..”

Teachers cover the course curriculum as per the Department of Education guidelines, however, we use many different teaching methodologies centered around discovery learning and active student participation. Instead of simply reading from the text book subjects are brought to life by encouraging students to become critical thinkers and to immerse themselves in the topic.

Likewise our students are assessed in a number of different ways from standard half yearly and yearly tests to more creative assessment for learning methods and peer assessment. The interactive teaching methods allows teachers to get to know the students better.

“Give respect, get respect..”

The relationship or bond between teachers and students is formed on a basis of respect. Give respect get respect. Students call me by my first name which I believe creates a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Also students are given the opportunity to engage in a variety of non-state exam subjects such as Ethical Education, STEM, Performing Arts and Society and Culture, this allows the students to develop their research and critical skills which they can then use in other situations.

As a teacher in an Educate Together school I believe I can motivate students to be the best person they can be irrespective of their race, religion or cultural beliefs.

“Students are mature and interested in social justice…”

In my experience the students from Educate Together schools are mature and very interested in social justice. They are eager to have their voice heard and learn how to achieve this through the appropriate channels.

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I love that the students do not wear a uniform, it is great to see all the different aspects of their unique personalities which sometimes can be hidden beneath a uniform. The classrooms are filled with colour as a result of this element of free expression.

The cultural make up of Ireland has changed so it is only just that students and parents are offered a choice in terms of secondary education.

Educate Together offers this choice and I am more than proud to be an educator in forward thinking educational setting like Educate Together.

Are you a concerned parent?
Would you like to see an Educate Together second-level school in this area. Make your voice heard. Talk to your local TDs. Email your concerns to the Minister’s office.

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